Artist's Statement:

My aim is to create intricate objects that demand acute observation both during the creating process and by the viewer after the object is finished.

In creating these ornate objects I hope to momentarily overwhelm the visual sensory input as a method of pulling the viewer away from their thoughts and into the moment where only the object exists and nothing else.

While I pull my inspiration from both the contemporary visionary art movement and religious art and architecture from around the world, I prefer to find my designs from within utilizing the unconscious, trance, and meditative states to begin my forms. I then embed the design with various esoteric symbology from the world's wisdom traditions.

My designs often follow strict, self-imposed geometric rules. I work within pre-set limitations intuitively, altering the designs as I go without over-thinking changes; trusting in my unconscious mind and vision to lead me to satisfying ends.


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

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Android Jones

Frame for "No Spectators", part of the Burning Man Art Show at the Smithsonian 

Frame for "No Spectators", part of the Burning Man Art Show at the Smithsonian